Missionary Board

Beulah Tabernacle Missionary Department

The Missionary Department is comprised of women who minister to other women and anyone in need. They are part of the evangelistic arm of the ministry who share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, assists in praying with women on the altar, in intercessory prayer and in the baptism preparation of all females. They usher people into spiritual life and out of spiritual death, as the gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God unto Salvation and the Holy Spirit draws individuals into their new found Christian walk. The Missionaries also teach and speak from the Bible and are encouraged to be avid students of the same.

The Missionary Department assist Pastor Michael in hospital/sick visitation, home visits, with communion preparation and out of this department are born the leaders of many of the women’s groups, and supervisors for our Youth Ministry. A segment of our Missionary Department also does international missionary field work.

Under the leadership of Senior Missionary Christina Shy, and the supervision of 1st Lady Tania Michael, the Missionaries of Beulah Tabernacle endeavor to guide women by example to their highest peak, yield to the Lord for his divine purpose, and win and nurture souls for the Kingdom of God. The missionaries serve to enrich God’s people with by their consistent example of love, compassion and biblical knowledge to make positive changes in their lives. This is accomplished by strengthening, encouraging, teaching, guiding and assisting with meeting the needs of all of God’s people.